[ Virtual Try-On Web/App ] – for Shiseido Group (2019 to 2020)

I have worked with Shiseido, Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals and NARS on lip, eye, cheek and foundation categories for Virtual Try-On experience. I am mainly responsible for analysis of product lines, mature scanning for the products and makeup templates design. I have designed the templates include: eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, eye lash, cheek, foundation, lip liner, lip art, etc.

Role: Product/UX Designer

Design Process

  1. Understand. Review business requirements, conduct research and launch competitor analysis
  2. Ideate. Sketch out logical solutions.
  3. Decide. Make decisions and turn ideas into a testable hypothesis.
  4. Prototype. Hack together realistic prototype.
  5. Test. Get feedback from PM and engineers.
  6. Develop. Designed mobile, webpage for VTO demonstration with engineers.


  • Ensure the template style and shape comply with brands’ requirements and market aesthetics.
  • Ensure VTO results are as real as possible.


  • Create makeup templates per brands’ requests for VTO.
  • Get virtual color and texture from the product scanning data, considering user’s original skin tone and lighting conditions.
  • Design and ensure the applications are logically and user-friendly.
  • Perform usability testing for tuning tool and VTO demo
  • Create reference images and create guidebooks for color and texture tuning.
  • Facilitate and improve the whole journey from brands to use internal tool for color or texture tuning of products.


  • Launched bShiseido, Shiseido US and Shiseido Global website virtual try- on in 2020:


  • Launched Bare Minerals website virtual try-on in 2020:


  • Laura Mercier website virtual try-on in 2020:


  • Laura Mercier IOS virtual try-on in 2020 (Launch soon)

  • Nars website virtual try-on in 2020 (Launch soon)

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